Grow your GIRL POWER

People ask why I share so much ..

I mean, I can get pretty personal when it comes to Social Media. But what I share, my post, my videos, all demonstrate what I am learning, and how I am growing. And I hope by being so open and real about these things, it encourages other women to grow too! 

As women, we go through a lot of the same stuff. We might look different, have different views on religion or parenting, live in a different social environment, but at the end of the day we struggle with a lot of the same things. We have problems in our relationships, we don't have much confidence in ourselves, we feel like we have totally failed at being a parent, we are too overweight or underweight, we dislike our jobs... you get the point.

I share so others know that they aren't alone. I share my bad (life's challenges), so I can share my good --> and show that there is hope. And that change is possible. Situations tend to not be as bad as you think, when you know you have others going through it with you.

Whether it be by family, mentors in life, friends, many women have been told who they need to be, how to act, be a certain kind of wife, parent, friend ** instead of embracing their true self. I vow to be authentic and sincere- to help other women feel comfortable stepping into who they are meant to be- not "needed" to be! I share on divorce and separation, my obsessive love with beer (technically classified as a drinking problem), my journey of having my breast implants name it!! And, as just as much as I share fancy filtered Snapchat photos, I also post my morning bed head, holding my favorite coffee cup. #reallife

Someone else's opinion of me is none of my business.

My business is to keep sharing my light so that others have the courage to shine brighter. My hope is that women stop beating themselves up, and allowing others too also. That they stop telling themselves who they think they aren't and start loving the woman that they are. Now, keep in mind, as supportive and caring as I am, this doesn't mean I'll watch you wallow.

So, here's some advice from me (and some I have taken from various Personal Development Books) if you are looking to become a more authentic YOU, find your purpose in life, and overall, just be one happy-go-lucky chick!!

Stop abusing your body. Stop abusing your mind. Your life is supposed to be a journey from one unique place to the other. Not a merry go round that brings you back to the same spot over and over. Do you want change? I did it, so can you. Will it be hard? Hell yes! But taking the easy way, where has that gotten you? Lazy, overweight, miserable, with your whole life passing you by? 

Although you can start changing habits overnight, the whole process won't be that easy. You will try different techniques, use different tools, some will work, some won't. One thing will feel right, while 50 others will make you feel like garbage. But you will wake up everyday and try it all over again. You'll have good days. Maybe more bad days. But you'll keep going until being in control of who you are, and what you want for yourself, feels more natural than being out of control. It will start to become a way of life. You start to become less uncomfortable, and more of who you are supposed to be. God created us all special, but that doesn't mean you get to sit back, chill, and just be good enough. A caterpillar is awesome. But if you only stayed a caterpillar you would never witness the beauty of being the butterfly.

You can be more than what you are. 

Grow your power, GIRLFRIEND!! How many times have you felt that it's too hard to keep up with the game, so you just quit playing? I see this all the time with people who have weight loss goals, want to start their own business, are looking to change a relationship status, everywhere! It's easy to give up and say to yourself it's OK to remain the same. Shoot, society will believe it. We are trained to expect people to quit. More people do it then not. But by admitting the lies we tell ourselves, we take their power away. Once you are in control, and your girl power kicks in, anything is possible.

The other day I got one of the best messages from a teammate. She said it's her turn to be a HERO coach! She's has been coaching for over a year and used this time to learn from others, watch, listen and absorb everything that she could. She tried a few things that worked. She tried a few things that didn't. But in all the lessons, she GREW! And was ready to move forward and keep on growing. It was HER time to become the butterfly. She was no longer waiting for the moment to be right- but instead, she was making this the right moment!! She was taking responsibility for her own life and actions, throwing all of the water out of her boat, and is ready to set sail.

Stop letting yourself down. Set a higher standard for yourself. Fight past what's been comfortable for too long, and change your patterns. Don't worry about the acceptance or judgments from others. Or wait for someone to be your hero. YOU are your own HERO! Your life- your happiness- that's all on you babes! Because happy people, the ones creating their own future, the ones confident in the direction that they are going, they DO exist (hello, I'm raising my hand). I don't strive to live a perfect life, just a pretty darn awesome one! But it takes being the hero in your own story to make it happen. No one will ever create your life for you, or like you can. ♥ 

Daphne Walter