Day with Daphne

And what a day that it has been.....

I'm not sure if it's because I'm on day 3 of the Refresh, or life really did just go up and down within 24 hours.

Let me just say for the 903468734234th time...the Universe works in magical ways. Something that I have been praying for, asking for answers for, happened today. And I couldn't feel more at peace with where my business - and ♥ - is now going. Sometimes you have to let go of the expectations of others, and just do what is right for you. And guess what-- when you do this in the right way, all the right people SHOW UP for you. I can't even express my gratitude for some special ladies this week. 

On a side note, are you following my stories on IG?? @workyourwheels

I am really trying to get "better" and the hang of this new platform. At almost 42 years old, my 8 and 12 year old are better at this technology stuff than I am. Go figure!

That's really all that I have for tonight. It's a Thursday (school night) and my daughter has 2 of her friends over for a sleep over so they can get ready together for "Orange Day" at school. I know this is probably super frowned upon by some parents...but I look at it in terms of my kids being able to create memories of these fun activities, and be able to partake with their friends that eventually, they are probably going to grow up- and away from. I want their childhood to be the best - most fun- possible. 

Have a good night friends!

Daphne Walter