Powerful, proven fitness programs that you can do right at home.

Get the world's most effective fitness solutions at your fingertips—on DVD—or streamed into your home on Beachbody On Demand. Whatever your goals, you'll find a program right for you.



Give your body the nourishment it needs to reach your goals.

Reaching your fitness goals means fueling your body with the energy it needs. I encourage you to try the most delicious superfood protein supplement shake on the planet.


Fitness + Nutrition

"Challenge Packs"



Because people who commit to both a fitness program, and the healthiest meal of the day (Shakeology), overall complete their workout program, lose more weight, and keep the weight off longer. Save money and get the best results! Choose from a variety of program that best suite your fitness and health goals. 


Need extra support?


Join my challenge groups!!!

A Challenge Group is an online fitness challenge, held in a private Facebook group, where ME, as your Coach, is helping you with three things: Exercise, Nutrition, and Support.

1) Exercise

There is no question that Beachbody offers some of the best At-Home-Fitness programs. From P90X to TurboFire, 21 Day Fix to Body Beast, Insanity: The Asylum, T25, PiYo and others, their workouts set the bar.

2) Nutrition 

SO MUCH of your success will come from proper nutrition. Fortunately, Challenge Groups have that covered as well. Shakeology is the most important supplement that I take. It’s not JUST a meal replacement. It’s a shake made from whole-food sources, packed with antioxidants, super foods, pro/pre-biotics, and much more.

3) Support

Challenge Groups consists of participants who want to go through an at home fitness program to achieve results. They are usually all doing the same program, though not always. Everyone in the group helps and motivates each other to achieve their health and fitness goals by sharing tips, accountability, and results. It is a team committed to success!

Accountability is crucial when going through any kind of exercise program. And I know how hard it can be to do alone. Challenge Groups allow people who are doing the same thing, at the same time, to encourage each other and hold each other accountable. In addition, I am there also providing tips, support and motivation, helping one on one, answering questions, and monitoring your success.